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Is Your Team Ready to Tackle the Planet’s Biggest Puzzle?

Unite your team for a fast paced sustainability-themed adventure where imagination and quick thinking are key to saving the planet. Your team takes on roles as climate experts.


"Super fun game with a knowledge twist 😁 I loved it and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in London!"

escape room enthusiast

"The idea is to learn about the five best policies to reduce carbon emissions, but mainly to make solving climate change fun. It sounds odd, but as we’re more and more fatigued by the doom and gloom headlines, perhaps play is the best way to get us involved in the conversation."

Adam Bloodworth, CITY A.M. journalist

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Tickets available soon
The last game took place in Covent Garden, London. We're working hard on setting up our next venue accessible to the general public. Join our waitlist to be the first notified when tickets are available again.

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Host a game in your own venue or office
Interested in offering a thrilling team building experience in your own office, and spark important conversations about solutions to climate change among your team members? Get in touch with us! We can set up our game and host it where you are, whether for a day or several weeks.

Thank you for contacting us, we'll be with you shortly!

Let's discuss and see if we can  match your timeframe, space, budget and educational target

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Interested in becoming a partner?
Our immersive game generates strong positive emotions. We want to make the most of this outcome after the game, and that is why we would like to partner with organisations that can help us empower players with the best educational and practical resources for building a sustainable future. Please get in touch if you think your product, service or knowledge resources could adequately complement our experience. Get in touch if you would like to support us in any other way :)

Thank you for contacting us, we'll be with you shortly!

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