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The UK’s first climate change-themed escape room.

Come and play our immersive team game to uncover solutions to tackling climate change.

60 min to fix it
Our first pop-up ran from 03/03/2022 to 10/04/2022 in London, Covent Garden.
To be notified of our next opening, add yourself to the waiting list!

Act as a team.

Solve puzzles and join minds to tackle the biggest challenge of our time.

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Under pressure.

Work together against the clock until you bring global emissions down.

Learn for real.

Based on up-to-date facts from trusted climate scientists.

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You’ll move around our variety of puzzles that will keep you and your team guessing.

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Fun first.

This is a game after all :-)

Come and play the game!


Book a session. Gather your team of 3 to 6 players. 


We’re at 9-11 Langley Ct, London, WC2E 9JY.

We’ve also got a coffee shop so come over and enjoy the space even if you are not playing upstairs!


Enter the room and the timer is on: 30 min to solve puzzles, find clues, work as a team to tackle climate change!

Or just come for a coffee?

Here's what players have said so far...


"Loved the game plan and interactivity. It was really successful in sharing new information in a fun way."


"This gave me motivation and hope. It had a really positive effect on me, to see that some solutions in place have a real impact."


"I would DEFINITELY recommend this game! It was fun, engaging, thought-provoking, challenging."


"Thank you! it was lots of fun!"


"I would highly recommend it! I really love escape rooms and didn't really know what to expect, You were a wonderful host and games master!"

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