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60 min to fix it
Immersive team game,
for 5 to 8 players.

Our proof-of-concept ran from 03.03.2022 to 10.04.2022 in London, Covent Garden.
To be notified of our next opening, in London or elsewhere, add yourself to the waiting list!

Act as a team.

Solve puzzles and join minds to tackle the biggest challenge of our time.

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Under pressure.

Work together against the clock until you bring global emissions down.


Take on the role of a UN squad for one hour, drawing down as much carbon from the atmosphere as possible between 2023 and 2050, in this immersive escape experience

Learn for real.

Based on up-to-date facts from trusted climate scientists.

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You’ll move around our variety of puzzles that will keep you and your team guessing.

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Fun first.

This is a game after all :-)

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Here's what players have said


"First escape room for us, the idea of solving something with people you've just met, and also with an educational twist, and learning something whilst having to solve stuff is a really good experience, really enjoyed that"


"This gave me motivation and hope. It had a really positive effect on me, to see that some solutions in place have a real impact."


"I would DEFINITELY recommend this game! It was fun, engaging, thought-provoking, challenging."


"I really enjoyed it, I thought it was very educational, I liked learning about all the different policies, it's very interesting how it fits into real life, I don't know I think it was really cool"


"It was amazing, it was a really eye-opening experience for me and I really liked the entire game, I enjoyed doing it and I think it's a very productive way of learning about climate change and about the policies to implement for the future."

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