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Minimalist Staircase

The UK’s first climate change-themed escape room


We at Immergency want to capture the public's imagination and tip the political balance in favour of the necessary policies to tackle climate change. 


We're going to do this through an immersive experience about tackling climate change. There will be puzzles galore as people journey their way through the XR-enabled escape room and discover policies needed to combat climate change. At the end, teams will be able to browse ways to get involved and commit to a couple of actions over a coffee or a drink. We have shown this could be a moment of excitement and togetherness for people to get in touch with their inner climate activist. 


We started small, but we’re planning big. Since we started in May 2020, we welcomed teams online to test out our first puzzles through 2021. In March 2022 we opened our pop-up space, supported by Innovate UK. We were at 9-11 Langley Court, London, WC2E 9JY, Thursdays to Sundays. Who would have thought learning about climate change could be a fun and unexpected break in between TK Maxx and Zara, in the heart of Covent Garden?! We’re aiming to launch a bigger space and longer game later this year.


Who says tackling climate change can’t be any fun?

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