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Ready to Save the Planet?

Join an urgent mission and immerse yourself for 60 minutes in a one-of-a-kind interactive in-person game where solving puzzles has a real impact.


"Super fun game with a knowledge twist 😁 I loved it and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in London!"

escape room enthusiast

Test you and your friends creativity and problem-solving skills in this fast-paced 60-minute climate-themed escape room.

Tackle climate change in an immersive experience and reveal ingenious green solutions.

Team up with friends for an amusing mission filled with twists you'll be talking about for weeks.

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Over 500 puzzle solvers and planet protectors alike have embarked on Immergency's urgent climate mission.

Your Planet Needs You - Are You Game?

  • 60 min escape room experience

  • Your team works to execute draw as much carbon from the atmosphere as possible

  • Based on real climate data

  • Caters for groups of 4-6 players

  • Expert facilitator provides briefing, guides experience, and debriefs learnings

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This Is An Immergency

Immergency brings together escape room fanatics and eco-advocates on one unforgettable mission: Making saving the planet feel like playtime. Our vision is to engage people on climate solutions in outrageously fun, hands-on ways.

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  • How many can participate at once?
    We recommend teams of 4-6 for the ideal experience. Larger groups will be split across multiple timeslots.
  • How long does it take?
    The full experience is around 60 minutes from briefing to debrief. We can adapt the experience to be shorter in order to allow more players through, depending on your needs.
  • Can this work for employees new to escape rooms?
    Definitely! We design puzzles for all experience levels and provide hints as needed. Your team's collaboration is most important.
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