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Is Your Team Ready to Tackle the Planet’s Biggest Puzzle?

Unite your team for a fast paced sustainability-themed adventure where imagination and quick thinking are key to saving the planet. Your team takes on roles as climate experts.

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"Super fun game with a knowledge twist 😁 I loved it and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in London!"

escape room enthusiast

Ignite your team’s creativity and communication through a fast-paced sustainability challenge.

Struggling to make sustainability engaging? Your team won't look at green solutions the same way again.

Build connections and morale through a one-of-a-kind adventure filled with surprises.

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Employees from leading companies like Polestar, Deloitte, and Fairheat have taken part in Immergency's interactive team adventures.

Collaborate With Your Team to Reshape the Planet's Future

In this urgent climate mission, your team will tackle head-scratching sustainability puzzles, decode challenging clues, and band together to solve the climate crisis once and for all. This hands-on adventure will have your team looking at sustainability in a new light.


  • 60 min escape room experience

  • Caters for groups of 4-6 employees

  • Expert facilitator provides briefing, guides experience, and debriefs learnings

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Sustainability Severed With a Big Dose of Adventure

We're on a mission to make sustainability feel less like work and more like playtime. Our team of escape room lovers and eco-strategists combine hands-on fun with real climate solutions so your workforce walks away engaged, empowered and entertained.

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  • How many can participate at once?
    We recommend teams of 4-6 for the ideal experience. Larger groups will be split across multiple timeslots.
  • How long does it take?
    The full experience is around 60 minutes from briefing to debrief. We can adapt the experience to be shorter in order to allow more players through, depending on your needs.
  • Can this work for employees new to escape rooms?
    Definitely! We design puzzles for all experience levels and provide hints as needed. Your team's collaboration is most important.
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It's Time to Shake Up Your Sustainability Training

Thank you for contacting us, we'll be with you shortly!

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