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Congratulations on your successful game!

Here are our references

You played our 40min Immergency game and now is the time to look a bit more into the knowledge that was behind it. In the hype of the game, there was no time to assimilate it all! 

Note: we decided to base the game on these, but we do not have a partnership (yet?) with these organisations, they do not endorse the game.


Project Drawdown

This is the ranking of the 100 most impactful solutions for the climate, regularly reviewed by a bunch of scientists and experts. As of March 2022, their top five solutions are:

1. Onshore Wind Turbines

2. Utility-scale Solar Photovoltaics

3. Reduced Food Waste

4. Plant-rich Diets

5. Health and Education (on par with Tropical Forest Restoration)

Check out their Table of 100 solutions

Read more into their assumptions and what each solution means. We chose Scenario 2.

Vote Everyday

This is a message from the B Corporation movement. Their mission is to "Make Business a Force For Good". They certify organisations to be "B-Corp" - you might already have spotted their label in the store!

Vote Everyday was one of their campaigns, essentially advocating that one does no need to wait for the polling station to make a vote, because you already vote everyday with the purchases that you make! You contribute to companies you want to see succeed.

Read more about B-corp and check out their repository of companies

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